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Custom Jewellery Management System

For all retailers who custom make just one piece.

Track your CAD to complete progress here.

  • Cleaning

    Clean, file, solder, clear porosity, assemble

  • Enameling

    Enamel varies colors

  • CNC metal

    Metal milling to produce crisp high definition crest symbol

  • Laser Engraving

    Engrave letters, photo

  • Stone setting

    Pave, micropave, channel, bezel, hammer, invisible set stones

  • High polish

    Final polish all area

  • Electro-plating

    Rhodium and carat gold plating

  • Quality Control

    Final check for quality and requirement matching


Auto Rendering Revolution

Discover an easy way to showcase your designs in a 3D VIEWER on your website


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CADalogue 3D Inventory System

Store Your Designs in CADalogue for Repeat Selling

Under Your Logo

1000's more design choices for your customer

1000's of production ready CAD files

1000's of 3D view jewellery

1000's of printable try on samples anytime anywhere

Plus your own range with user control 3D View

All goes into a single click manufacturing system

Greet the day, craftsmen at their art,
Human touch in every part.
Not circuits, but pulse and feel,
Crafting treasures from the steel.

Each gem set with artist’s grace,
A necklace born from stars' embrace.
Bracelets, rings, light's gentle dance,
Celebrating human chance.

Hi to the hands crafting slow,
In a world that’s quick to go.
Each piece a testament so true,
To the brilliance of H.i.'s view.

C. Gongsun

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